Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Love Your Self(ie)

I don't always love the way I look.

It's part of human nature, especially for women, to sometimes feel amazing, and other days to really dislike the image reflected in the mirror.

I try as hard as I can to love every version of myself, from the made up glamazon going out on the town, to the girl who wakes up with dirty hair and racoon eyes. Some days are easier than others, especially when the hair gods decide to bless me with the perfect curl. 

Other days, self love is a struggle. It's not easy being a confident woman, especially with the bombardment of media that perpetuates an ideal of beauty that most women can't achieve. It's disheartening falling in love with a dress or a style of makeup, only to find out it only looks good on a certain type of woman - a type that you most definitely are not. 

Enter the selfie. A lot of people find them narcissistic and vain, and while I admit there is an aspect of vanity whenever I post one, there's more to the simple snap of the picture. Because we are constantly being shown pictures of women photoshopped and altered, a selfie (even when put through a filter) can help elevate our confidence. It's a way of saying to the world: "HEY! I feel great today! Look at me, a normal woman with no extra help from a trainer, or stylist, or makeup artist, and I still feel sexy!"

If taking a selfie helps me love my face and body a little bit more, then where's the harm? 

I also love seeing other people's selfies. I love seeing a wide variety of bodies and faces, especially when the picture was taken by the person in the picture. It represents a moment where they feel their best, which is incredibly attractive. Self love is sexy, people.

So go ahead, snap as many selfies as you want. You look damn good, and everyone should know it. 

Do you love or hate selfies? Your own, or other peoples. 


  1. I am in total agreement with you! I have learned to love the selfie! I have definitely felt pressured by the photoshopped media to look a certain way, but with more and more REAL images being presented to me on a daily basis, I feel like I can combat that pressure more easily. When we start to see awesome, appealing, beautiful images of women we know are real, we start to believe that we are beautiful too. I DON'T see anything wrong with that.
    BUT! I do see something wrong with the millions of over-sexualized selfies of women and young girls! There is a fine line when an innocent selfie with a message of "hey, I feel awesome today!, or Look how much ice cream I can fit into my mouth" becomes a narcissistic, duck-lipped, boob show.....and I'm not sure how to combat that.
    I can tell you that I don't take the selfie lightly. Whenever I post one I hum and haw over it for a few minutes and try to ask myself "Am I just satisfying my ego right now? Or is this hilarious and everyone needs to see it" Most of the time the latter wins out, but I'm not ashamed to say the former does sometimes too. I think it's good to satisfy the ego ONCE IN AWHILE!! I MEAN, GAWD!
    My two cents!

    1. I love selfies, especially being away from home, because I get to see your beautiful face more often (and other friends!) It's awesome to see everyone looking so fab. But I do agree that there is a fine line, especially with under aged girls, but i think it's important that they feel they can post pictures of themselves, as long as they're appropriate. I want young girls to love their faces, and feel great about showing others!

  2. I've never really thought about it like that! I used to really hate on selfies, but I think a few bad apples were giving them a bad rap for me. I love seeing women who feel beautiful! I HATE seeing women posting pictures of themselves and then using a hashtag like #nofilter #woof #ineedmakeup. If you want to post a selfie and be like, I'M HOT!! I'm all for that! I just hate when girls use IG/selfies as a means of fishing for compliments. Either own it, or don't. Am I making sense?!

    1. I also don't like when people post selfies and put negative hastags. Hellooooo, the reason you're posting a selfie is cause you think you're hot! FLAUNT IT! Totes makes sense.

  3. While I'm not taking or posting any selfies I usually see them as a liiiittle vain when others show a few too many. Once in a while: okay. Every day/ post? Not. But you're really making a point here and actually, a friend of mine who's in recovery, too, said she recently - after gaining weight - noticed she found herself taking more selfies. So it makes sense to see them as a means of liking and accepting yourself the way you are. Maybe that's why I don't like taking them myself.
    I think I'll look at selfies in a different way after this post.

    1. Glad to hear your friend is appreciating her new body! You should absolutely take selfies, embrace your beautiful face!!