Monday, 24 February 2014

Sunday Food-Day

Sundays are officially my favourite day. I normally work Sundays, but for the past month I've had the pleasure of sleeping in, relaxing, and eating incredible food on Sundays. 

Pancakes are a must, so I whipped up a batch of banana oatmeal pancakes. We ran out of maple syrup (shocking! Bad Canadians!) and I forgot to add blueberries to the pancakes, so I made my first blueberry compote. I simply threw a cup of blueberries, a few tablespoons of brown sugar, a tablespoon of vanilla extract, and a tablespoon of cornstarch into a pot on medium heat and stirred for 15ish minutes. 

Lunch was leftovers from supper the night before, courtesy of Kaylee. A staple around here - a Mexican bowl of yum. 

We were getting a little antsy spending all morning inside, so I took Kaylee for a walk to get soy lattes. She's like a puppy, and needs to be walked regularly, loves playing in the snow, and loves getting her belly rubbed. 

After our walk, we headed over to family friends of ours. Their house burned down in the summer, and they've been rebuilding a new one on the same spot for the past 9 months. They finished the construction this week, and moved in this weekend. We wanted to head over and bring them housewarming gifts, but when we got there we were given the best gift of all, love vegan peanut butter cupcakes. 

After a few hours of checking out their new digs, we headed over to my parents house for supper. My mom always makes an incredible feast, and I need to blog about it more. Honestly, she should become a chef, because everything is made from scratch and she spends hours planning and cooking. 

She made a loaf of raisin lemon bread. 

A butternut squash soup with a side of bread topped with earth balance butter. 

A broccoli salad with orange pepper and red onion, with a creamy balsamic dressing. 

And for dessert, a black currant pudding in a graham cracker shell. 

Amazing, right?!? And this isn't even as elaborate as it normally is, typically we have three to four courses, plus a dessert. 

What did you eat yesterday? 
What day of the week is your favourite, and why?


  1. I love Sundays eats, too!

    Everyday is pancake day for this gal cause they are so.damn.good, aren't they? My god!

    O .. and your mothers cooking/baking ALWAYS has my jaw dropped.

    Now my stomach is growling :)

  2. Sunday is usually my day to eat a little more "freely" than others. I try to focus on fruit and veggies through the week but Sunday I'm all like pancakes, cookies, breads & pastas! Nom :D