Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Link Love

Valentine's Day may have come and gone, but I am still filled to the brim with love. Kaylee and I didn't do anything special, and yet everyone being so lovey-dovey has made my tiny black heart grow a teeny bit. 

So to continue the love fest, I thought I'd share my favourite bloggers at the moment. These ladies have no idea I'm doing this, none of them asked me to do this, I am purely doing this because their blogs make me smile, and I believe everyone should smile more often. 

Hopefully these wonderful blogs can brighten your day. In alphabetical order...

Char Eats Greens

Char is a fellow Canadian vegan, and has THE CUTEST baby girl in the world. I absolutely love that she had a vegan pregnancy and is now raising a vegan baby, it confirms to me that when I have kids, it's totally possible to raise them on a plant based diet. 

Hungry Hungry Hippie
Elise is a food guru, and her daily food posts inspire me to get in the kitchen. I love that most of her recipes use things she has in her fridge or cupboards - no crazy ingredients or lengthy cooking times. She also has THE CUTEST baby boy in the world. She also recently found out he has severe allergies, and as I have a few allergies, I find it fascinating to learn about how her family's diet is affected by the sudden need to eliminate daily staples. 

Lizzie Fit
The world works in magical ways, and that's how I was introduced to Lizzie Fit. She went into Kaylee's shop one day and started talking about how she had recently become a vegan. Kaylee told her about my blog, she checked me out, then we connected, and low and behold, we became real life friends, trying fitness challenges together and sharing recipes. She has such a positive spirit, makes amazing plant based recipes, and has great at home workouts on her blog. If you've ever thought about juicing, check out her many posts on the world of juicing!

Pink Apron
Becky is one of my closest "real life" friends. She only recently started this blog (I think last week?) but I can already tell I'm going to love it. She has such a kind heart, a ridiculously bubbly personality, and an infectious laugh. Please give her a warm welcome to blogging!

Run Eat Repeat
Monica is definitely blog famous, and for good reason. She inspired me to run my first half marathon, and continues to inspire me to workout daily. She has a fantastic sense of humour, and shares super easy recipes. 

The Lunch Box Diaries 
I like to think of Colleen as my sister from another mister. This lady is my spirit animal, and her blog is such a wonderful space of body positivity and hilarious anecdotes. I had the pleasure of Facetiming with her one night, and she is just as hilarious and lovely on the phone as she is on her blog. 

What Wegan Did Next

These two beautiful women were in a long distance relationship for years, and last year they had their civil partnership and are now living together! Their blog began as a documentation of their struggles with long distance, but it's now just an account of their lives. They are also LGBT activists, and Megan started a femme visibility campaign. Kaylee and I actually stayed with them for a week while we were in Europe, and they are both so wonderful and loving. So send them some love!

Who are your favourite bloggers? 
Do you already follow any of these amazing women? 


  1. Well aren't you the nicest thing ever?! This totally made my day! I adore you. Can we facetime again soon??

    1. I adore you! I would love to facetime! Text me anytime pretty lady :)

  2. hi georgia! thanks so much for the shout out :) now I've discovered a few new blogs to follow including yours!!

    1. Glad you could follow others, and thanks for discovering me! I seriously love your blog, I've been a follower for two-ish years, and you're a great inspiration! Plus, your son is adorable so all the cute baby pictures definitely keep me coming back ;)