Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Day In The Life - Theatre Job

A few weeks ago I did a "day in the life" post at my "normal" job. This week i'm doing another "day in the life" post, but at my theatre job, which is worlds different from my normal 10-6 gig. 

7:50am wake up and make waffles. 

8:30am eat said waffles while watching "30 Rock"

9:30am get ready for work, which means put greasy hair in a bun and put on my lazy day makeup. Aka mascara and lipgloss. 

10am work, which involves working with props, set pieces, and actors. And fake cocaine and guns. You know, just a regular old day at work. 

12:40pm lunch time! I ate Mac and cheese, but am using a recycled photo because leftover Mac and cheese looks like cat puke (but tastes delicious!)

1:10pm back to work, resetting props for a dress rehearsal run of the show. 

3:30pm eat an apple to avoid all of the junk food people brought to celebrate tech week. 

4pm supper break. Drive to the gym to fit in a quick workout. Make a detour to sobeys and buy 11 bucks worth of chocolate almonds. Don't feel guilty about skipping the gym because yesterday was leg day and I always take a rest day after leg day. Plus it's tech week, so I'm exhausted and finding excuses to eat like crap. 
4:15pm eat said almonds while watching "30 Rock" 

Side note: tech week in theatre is a lot like giving birth. It's high stress, hormones are going crazy, little to no sleeping, food cravings get out of hand, and there's usually tears, blood and pain. But once the show is up, it's like holding the baby in your arms, forgetting about all the pain and cherishing this beautiful thing you've created. 

5:15pm eat supper. Try to make up for eating 4 handfuls of chocolate covered almonds by eating a salad. 

6pm head back to work and get ready for preview night. Preview is pretty much a dress rehearsal that is open to the audience. So nerves are always high. Belly starts to hurt because of all the chocolate. 

9:45pm show's over, text bomb Kaylee, harassing her to buy me a bag of chips. 

10pm get home, yell at her for not buying me chips (good girl). Eat oatmeal and chocolate covered almonds instead. 


  1. Girl, you really must share the waffle recipe you used. They look incredible!

    1. I'll post the recipe later today!