Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter 2012

Hi friends! I'm currently blogging from Bathurst, and if you've been reading the blog for a while you know that means we're visiting Kaylee's family!

Every good road trip always starts with a coffee. 

On the road, we munched on baby carrots, a banana, and our favorite market treat - Kettle Corn! 

After a relaxing drive and great conversation, we arrived to Kaylee's grandmother's house for the leftovers of Easter Supper. The whole family was in the living room, so we were able to pick at the food remaining. 

Unfortunately, Kaylee's family isn't exactly vegan "friendly," and most of their veggie dishes were covered in cheese or baked with milk. So my plate was a little sad, with a bit of mashed potato and turnip. Thankfully, when we got to her parents house, I filled up on a huge salad and a banana with some soy butter. 

As soon as we got in, we immediately ran to Lily and got in our kisses and hugs quota. The amount of cute in this picture is enough to give me diabetes. 

She's three, and has just discovered that making funny faces in pictures is the best thing ever, and I now have about 20 silly face pictures, and one nice one (above). Not gonna lie, I am was all about the silly faces, so I have a few things to teach the little one. 

Kaylee's parents have just returned home from a cruise, and they were so thoughtful to bring us some stuff home :) Kaylee got some shorts, a key chain and we both got these adorable bags. (Mine is pink, hers is blue).

And the best part of the night... Kaylee's dad gave us two scratch tickets for Easter. She scratched hers, and didn't get anything. I scratched mine, and thought I won six bucks. But then they told me that I had to get four words in either section, not four words overall, so I hadn't actually won anything. But, Kaylee told me to scratch the bonus section, and I ended up winning six bucks!!!! Then, I tallied up my words, and won an extra three dollars! I WON NINE BUCKS! BEST DAY EVER! (can you tell I've never won anything before?)

We went to bed with the hopes of the Easter Bunny leaving some chocolate for us, but not only did the bunny bring chocolate, it brought SNOW! Can't say I was pleased about this, seeing as I only brought flats for the weekend and a thin rain jacket. Plus, you know, it's April, not December. 

But we did get a bunch of chocolate! Which totally made the whole "snow thing" a little bit better. 

Kaylee's mom also got her a comfy and adorable hoodie:

And a really nice halter top for me! Oh and we had just woken up, hence why we're not looking at the camera. Don't want to scare you off ;)

Our Easter lunch was delicious, and we had vegan chicken, which sounds super weird and gross, but it's actually really delicious. For those interested, the PC brand of meatless chicken is a winner! 

Apple pie for dessert. And yes, it was vegan. I'm really trying hard to stick to a strict vegan diet, even when I go places where the options are limited, because the more literature I read, the more I realize I'm doing this for more than just my health. 

And nothing says Easter dinner like mexican food! (recipe to come)

I hope you all had a chocolate-filled Easter, as well as quality time with family. 

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